Who We Are

Home ownership is possible.

At DayMark, we can help you achieve the American Dream. We are a finance company that offers a unique way to live in the home you want today, and earn ownership over time – even if you’re not a fit for traditional mortgages.

DayMark is built to help a wide range of customers frustrated by the traditional process, whether due to the need to build down payment, to recovering credit, or simply limited credit history – all with payments that you can afford.

We offer a unique product sequence to meet your needs

Step 1: Lease Option

You tell us where you want to live. If the home meets our program guidelines, we’ll buy it and rent to you.

Our leases are for up to three years, with the rents set up front, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

We’ll also give you a set buyout price. Most of our customers purchase using our RIC financing, which is generally available after two years of successful rental.

Step 2: RIC Financing

Our Residential Installment Contract (RIC) product gives you all of the benefits of homeownership, even if you don’t fit traditional mortgage guidelines.

RICs are fixed-rate and fully-amortizing, just like traditional mortgages, with no hidden fees or charges.

RICs are designed to work with the Lease Option – in fact, a portion of your payments is refundable on purchase, helping you build your down payment over time.

Step 3: Mortgage Financing

Some of our customers become eligible for mortgage financing guidelines over time – in fact, we’ll work with you to help make it happen.

For those who qualify, a mortgage refinance is generally the lowest cost option available, with the potential to save additional money every month.

Our RICs are designed to make this transition easy, with qualifying customers generally eligible for refinance consideration after 12+ months of successful payments.

Benefits of DayMark home financing.


Acquire a home with a low down payment and low monthly payments. Prepay at any time.


Every time you make an installment payment, you build equity to eventually own your home outright.


If property prices continue to rise, all growth in value belongs to you.


Let DayMark be your “one stop shop” guide through the process of selection and financing.