Lease Option Financing

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Home ownership is still possible.

With our Lease Option Financing, DayMark can re-open the door to homeownership for your clients denied for traditional home financing.

Our program allows you to continue finding homes for your clients. Within 30 days, we can purchase your client’s dream home and lease it to them. Over time, we’ll help them build down payment and transition into a financing that works for them.

The process is simple.

The terms are straightforward:

  • Lease term: 12 months
  • Two 12-month extension options
  • Rental payments for lease term specified within lease contract
  • Buy-out price of home specified within lease contract
  • Buy-out option: Can be exercised after the second full year of leasing
  • Initial costs: Option Fee (1% of purchase price) along with first month’s rent

Note: If you obtain outside mortgage financing, purchase option can be exercised at any time. RIC financing from DayMark typically requires the tenant must have leased the home for a minimum of two years.  

Expectations of the Buyer’s Broker

  • Respresent DayMark as the buyer
  • Present homes the buyer would like to own, but is unable, due to financial qualifying restraints
  • Present DayMark Lease Agreement to tenant and secure deposit from tenant
  • Produce the Purchase and Sale Agreement with DayMark Addendum
  • Complete a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) within 2 days of Purchase Agreement
  • Coordinate all inspections
  • Coordinate and attend closing
  • Complete a move-in inspection and orientation with tenant / future owner

The process is easy, transparent, and built on a foundation of choice and flexibility.  For more information on how the program works, call us at 646-612-7740.

You can sleep at night

DayMark covers the major repairs, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing and structural deficiencies.