Customer Service Team

Customer service team members.

The DayMark team brings together specialists in residential real estate, home finance, and consumer service.

We are pleased to introduce DayMark’s Customer Team, who will serve as your point of contact throughout the home selection process.

Connor Gough
  • Nickname: Gough
  • What I enjoy about working at DayMark: “I love the atmosphere and all my co-workers.”
  • Favorite Book: Death of a Salesman
  • Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore
  • Favorite Musical Group: Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

Valerie Gillespie
  • Nickname: Val
  • What I enjoy about working at DayMark: “I like helping people, it really makes my day.”
  • Favorite Book: Mystery “who done it” novels
  • Favorite Movie:  Action – “I like to make the sound effects – I’m from the Batman & Robin era”
  • Favorite Musical Group: 80’s hits and contemporary gospel

Elizabeth Murphy
  • Nickname: Beth
  • What I enjoy about working at DayMark: “I love hearing the excitement in our customers’ voice when they get approved for the house.”
  • Favorite Book: The Oustsiders
  • Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Series
  • Favorite Musical Group: A Day to Remember