DayMark Home Financing

Finance with DayMark

DayMark will work to provide financing for interested customers, at a reasonable rate and payment, despite a history of less than perfect credit.

We understand that banks find it difficult to lend to some borrowers, including the self-employed, recently divorced, or those new to a job. We are here to understand your situation, and help determine if a home is affordable given your own, unique situation.

For those who qualify, DayMark offers a unique “Seller Financing” product – our Residential Installment Contract (RIC) – allowing you to own your home with low up-front costs and low monthly payments.

RICs provide financing for customers with limited credit or difficulties with past credit including bankruptcy. Additionally, home buyers participate in the DayMark consumer education program designed to improve the home ownership experience and provide financial education.

RICs are fully pre-payable without penalty, have fixed interest rates, and limited upfront fees. They are supported by full escrows for taxes and insurance. RICs are compliant with CFPB Qualified Mortgage standards and have interest rates below HOEPA “high cost” mortgage levels.

Qualifying for a RIC is simple. One of our Account Managers will assist you every step of the way during the underwriting process. We try to ease your stress so that you can focus on moving into your new home.

Our Residential Installment Contract (RIC)– allows you to own your home with low up-front costs and low monthly payments.