Rent-to-Own Program

What is DayMark’s Rent-to-Own (RTO) Program?

DayMark’s RTO Program begins as a transition to homeownership, beginning with an initial rental period that allows you to become familiar with the house and to build the cash needed for your purchase.

How does the cash build over time?

A $999 Option Fee is required prior to occupancy.  If you purchase the home, this is credited towards your down payment and/or closing costs.

Can I buy the house for “cash” or use outside financing?

You can purchase the house with either your own funds or external financing at any time during the lease period.

Can I extend the lease?

DayMark considers lease extensions on a case by case basis.

DayMark Home Financing Program

What is DayMark’s Financing (FTO) Program?

DayMark’s provides long-term financing directly via its Residential Installment Contract (RIC), allowing you to buy with low up-front costs and low monthly payments.

Who owns the home?

All of the potential increase in home value belongs to you. During the term of the RIC, DayMark retains title to the house; when the contract is repaid through amortization, prepayment, refinance, or sale, the title is delivered to you.

Can I sell the house?

Yes, as long as the RIC is fully repaid. Please see the specific requirements in the RIC documents.


Will you be checking my credit?

Yes, we check credit to ensure that the home is appropriate for your financial situation, and to ensure compliance with applicable law. As part of the RIC application process, we will review a copy of your credit report and other documentation.

What if I have credit issues?

DayMark’s programs are designed for those with less than perfect credit – either because of past issues, or because of limited prior history. Our underwriting is more flexible than traditional financing; in many cases, we will be able to work with you when others have not.

Choosing a Home

How can I tour the house?

You will schedule a visit online, or through one of our team. Please note that you will be required to supply some basic information about yourself, including photo identification. Once that is complete, you will then be given a code to access the property for a self-guided tour.

None of these homes are quite right for me. Will DayMark provide financing to me so I can buy another house?

Yes, DayMark offers a Lease Option Program.